Paths to QUALITY™ and Child Care Solutions

Looking for child care answers? Child Care Solutions is just a phone call away. 1-800-493-3231 Or visit them on the web by clicking here. You can also get more information on Paths to QUALITY™ by visiting the Child Care Indiana website.

Paths to QUALITY™ helps your child receive the very best in order to be the very best.


Research shows that high quality early childhood, preschool, and school-age programs prepare children for future success in school, work, and life. Children’s experiences play a significant role in the way their brains develop, and the way a child’s brain develops plays a significant role in the future success of the child. High quality early care and education programs are essential not only to Hoosier children, but also to their families and to the communities in which they live.

Paths to QUALITY™ is Indiana’s voluntary statewide rating system for early care and education programs. It is a free resource to help families make informed decisions and to help early care and education providers improve the quality of their programs. Paths to QUALITY™ eligible programs include licensed child care centers, licensed family child care homes, and unlicensed registered ministries who have met voluntary certification standards.ptq_graphicThe system identifies four levels of quality. Child care programs start at Level 1 – by meeting basic health and safety standards and then may progress to the highest level – Level 4, which includes achieving national accreditation. Ever level also contains significant staff training and education requirements. Each level builds on the previous levels, resulting in significant improvements at every level.