Creative Project of the Month

Butterfly Craft

Supplies:butterfly-157802_1280 copy

  • – colored construction paper
  • – a pencil
  • – scissors
  • – glue
  • – crayons
  • – a pipe cleaner

Begin by tracing your child hand on the construction paper. You will need a total of 6 hand tracings. Using different colors of paper will make your butterfly more colorful. Help your child cut out the hands. On another sheet of construction draw a long oval with a smaller circle on the end, this will make the butterfly’s body. Help your child cut out the body.

Now have your child glue the hands onto the body; fingers pointed out, with three hands on each side. The hands will make the wings of the butterfly. The next step is to bend the pipe cleaner in half. Curl the ends. This will make the antennae for the butterfly. Now glue the antennae onto the head of the butterfly. Once the glue has dried, allow your child to add eyes and decorate the wings using crayons. Finally, hang the butterfly somewhere that your child can show it off.