14 Preschool Literacy Accomplishments*

  1. child-316510_1280 copyKnows that alphabet letters can be used to make word
  2. Recognizes environmental print
  3. Understands the basic concepts of print
  4. Knows that different for of print are used for different functions
  5. Plays with sounds and attempts to create words
  6. Uses new vocabulary during conversation
  7. Understands and follows oral directions
  8. Able to retell a familiar story
  9. Shows an interest in books
  10. Is able to identify the letters in his/her name and some additional letters
  11. Is eager to learn to read
  12. Communicates through drawing and emergent writing
  13. Enjoys rhyming and word games
  14. Is building confidence

* Indiana Department of Education “How can I help my child prepare for Kindergarten?”