Plastic Egg Snake


Materials Needed:
Nylon Cord
Plastic Easter Eggs (the ones with pre-drilled holes in the ends)
Googly Eyes
If you are not able to find plastic eggs with pre-drilled holes or you want to use plastic eggs you already have, you will need to drill holes into the plastic eggs.


Start by knotting the end of the nylon cord. Help your child tread the cord through the top shells, alternating the left and right holes. Once the snake is as long as you want it, put the last top shell on facing the opposite direction of the other shells. Knot the end of the cord. Take a bottom shell, tread the cord through it and snap the egg together. Trim the cord to the perfect snake tongue length and add googly eyes. On the opposite end, snap on a bottom shell (to turn your snake into a rattle snake, add rice to the end section before closing. Be sure to glue the egg shut).