Read to your Child Every Day

blocks-25800_640 copyReading to your child is fascinating to them. They love to hear your voice. They enjoy the sing-song style of many children’s books. They are stimulated by the pictures. Their imaginations can go wild with the words and the pictures. Children want to hear the same book over and over and over again. Indulge them.

Hold your child on your lap or in your arms while you read to them. They will feel secure and loved. Reading is a wonderful bonding experience for children and their parents. By reading to them at even the earliest of ages, they will develop a love of books which will, in turn, encourage reading on their own as they grow up. If they are squirming and unable to focus at that particular time, you can move on to another activity and return to the book later. Don’t force it, but do continue reading to them.

The benefits of reading are many. Reading will strengthen their ability to learn, provide needed knowledge and information, exercise their creativity muscle, and many other positive attributes.

Fifteen minutes a day may not seem like much time, but that time spent reading will mean so much to their development.


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