Activity of the Month

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Baby Feet – April 2015


Foot Play. Play with baby’s feet. Talk with him/her about her sweet little toes. Count her/his toes. Kiss her toes. Recite “Baby Feet” and move baby’s feet as directed.

Baby Feet by Pam Schiller

I love your baby feet. (hold baby’s feet so she can see them)

I love your little toes. (touch baby’s toes)

Your little feet are sweet. (touch baby’s feet to your cheek)

Let’s touch them to your nose. (touch baby’s feet to her nose)


Walk, walk, walk little feet. (move feet as if walking)

Run, run, run little feet. (move baby’s feet faster)

Dance, dance, dance little feet. (move feet in circular motion)

Sweet, sweet, sweet little feet. (touch feet to your cheek)


Found in The Complete Resource Book For Infants