Infants and Toddlers

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Raising a child is hard work. You are tired (let’s face it, you just can’t get the same sleep you used to get or need when you are up every few hours with your baby). You are trying to keep your house clean but always seem to have piles of clothes (both dirty and clean) lying around. How does someone so tiny produce so much laundry?

But good nutrition – for both you and your baby – is important to their development.The immune systems of children who received nutritious diets are stronger than children with improper nutrition, and food-insecure children have a higher chance of becoming obese than food-secure children.

The building blocks of a healthy, happy child are good nutrition and health, early literacy and talking to your baby.

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We will explore the early literacy and how children are born learning on the drop down menu pages. Go ahead, take a look. And if you need assistance with your baby, don’t be afraid to ask someone from one of the many agencies that specialize in early childhood development (go to our resource page to find those agencies).