Guest Blog Post – Cheryl McClure, New Life Christian School

Back to School – Already?


It is hard to believe, but yes it is back to school time! As much as I enjoy a summer vacation, I always look forward to a new school year. Teachers are getting classrooms ready, parents are buying school clothes and supplies, and children are anticipating who will be in their class and looking forward to meeting their new teacher. There is a lot of excitement as another school year starts.

According to the website, research supports the fact that parents are the greatest influence on their children. Therefore, it makes sense that if school is important to you as a parent, it will be important to your child. When you are involved in your child’s education, s/he is more likely to be successful in school!

Here are a few ways to be involved in your child’s school work.

  • COMMUNICATE – When you and your child reconnect at the end of your work day and their school day, greet them and get a conversation going. Ask open ended questions about school. Who did you play with? What story did the teacher read today? What did you play at school? What did you learn about? What homework do you have tonight? Make sure that you as a parent make time without phone calls or texts that you to communicate with your child.
  • ROUTINES – Establish an after school routine. Routines help children feel secure and make transitions easier. Make sure there is time for homework, time to read together, time for a nutritious dinner and a set bedtime that provides adequate rest for your child.
  • READ TO YOUR CHILD – Reading aloud to your child is one of the best ways to help him/her be successful in school. The Children’s Reading Foundation (as cited in says, “Once a child begins to read, it is essential to continue reading aloud together.” Reading together can be the beginning of many learning experiences for your child, many conversations, and many lasting memories. Take time to read to and with your child. Continue this activity as your child grows. When it is ‘reading time’ in your home, make sure to turn off the radio, television and even your phone. The time invested in reading with your child will reap great rewards for you and your child. The importance of reading with children
  • KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CHILD”S TEACHER – As preschool or school begins for your child, talk with his/her teacher about communicating with him/her. Many teachers use newsletters and or email to keep parents informed.

May you and your child have the best school year ever and keep the excitement of learning, discovering and exploring alive every day!