Plastic Egg Snake

Materials Needed: Nylon Cord Plastic Easter Eggs (the ones with pre-drilled holes in the ends) Googly Eyes If you are not able to find plastic eggs with pre-drilled holes or you want to use plastic eggs you already have, you will need to drill holes into the plastic eggs.   Start by knotting the end … [Read more…]

Yarn Hearts

  Supplies: Heavy paper Hole punch Cookie cutter Pencil Yarn Tape Trace the cookie cutter on the paper. Use the tracing as a guide to punch holes around the shape, equal distances apart. Tape the end of a piece of yarn to make a child-friendly needle. Next tape the other end of the yarn to … [Read more…]

Paper Plate Snowman

Materials: 2 Paper Plates Colored Paper Glue/Tape Scissors   Start by attaching the two plates. Next help your child cut out eyes, a nose, mouth, buttons, and what whatever else your child wants on his/her snowman. Glue or tape the pieces onto the snowman. Hang Mr. or Mrs. Snowman in a place where your child … [Read more…]

Christmas Tree Project

Torn Paper Christmas Tree   Supplies: Colored Paper Glue   Help your child tear long strips of green paper. Shorten the length of the strips so you have a progression of strips from long to short. Help your child glue the strips on a sheet of paper, with the longest on bottom and the shortest … [Read more…]

Veggie Painting

Veggie Painting – summer is a perfect time for this activity with all the produce available right now.   Use vegetables to paint with. The tops of carrots are great. Use a green pepper cut horizontally or a cob of corn. Also use asparagus as paintbrushes, broccoli can be dipped in paint and brushed on … [Read more…]

Hand Painted Flowers

Supplies:                   Finger (or washable) paint                   Sheet of thick paper or poster board                   Paint brush   Activity: Use the paint brush to cover one of your child’s hands completely in paint. Gently press the painted hand onto the paper. Next have your child add a … [Read more…]