Plastic Egg Snake


Materials Needed:
Nylon Cord
Plastic Easter Eggs (the ones with pre-drilled holes in the ends)
Googly Eyes
If you are not able to find plastic eggs with pre-drilled holes or you want to use plastic eggs you already have, you will need to drill holes into the plastic eggs.


Start by knotting the end of the nylon cord. Help your child tread the cord through the top shells, alternating the left and right holes. Once the snake is as long as you want it, put the last top shell on facing the opposite direction of the other shells. Knot the end of the cord. Take a bottom shell, tread the cord through it and snap the egg together. Trim the cord to the perfect snake tongue length and add googly eyes. On the opposite end, snap on a bottom shell (to turn your snake into a rattle snake, add rice to the end section before closing. Be sure to glue the egg shut).

Yarn Hearts



Heavy paper

Hole punch

Cookie cutter




Trace the cookie cutter on the paper. Use the tracing as a guide to punch holes around the shape, equal

distances apart. Tape the end of a piece of yarn to make a child-friendly needle. Next tape the other end of the yarn to the back of the paper. Now help your child weave the yarn through the holes in the paper. Crisscross the yarn across the front of the paper. When your child has finished, tape the sewing end of the yarn to the back of the paper so it does not come undone. These make super cute valentines for family and friends!

heart craft3

Paper Plate Snowman


2 Paper Plates

Colored Paper




Start by attaching the two plates. Next help your child cut out eyes, a nose, mouth, buttons, and what whatever else your child wants on his/her snowman. Glue or tape the pieces onto the snowman. Hang Mr. or Mrs. Snowman in a place where your child can see it.thumb_IMG_3554_1024

Christmas Tree Project

Torn Paper Christmas Tree



Colored Paper



Help your child tear long strips of green paper. Shorten the length of the strips so you have a progression of strips from long to short. Help your child glue the strips on a sheet of paper, with the longest on bottom and the shortest on top (this will make a triangular tree shape). Next have your child tear miscellaneous colored paper into small pieces. Your child can glue these on the “tree” to decorate it. You can add a star on the top or a trunk on the bottom. Allow your child to get creative.

Veggie Painting

Veggie Painting – summer is a perfect time for this activity with all the produce available right now.



Use vegetables to paint with.

The tops of carrots are great. Use a green pepper cut

horizontally or a cob of corn.

Also use asparagus as paintbrushes, broccoli can be

dipped in paint and brushed on paper. Try using celery

or carrots too! Makes interesting designs.

Hand Painted Flowers


                  Finger (or washable) paint

                  Sheet of thick paper or poster board

                  Paint brush



Use the paint brush to cover one of your child’s hands completely in paint. Gently press the painted hand onto the paper. Next have your child add a stem and leaves by either using a paint brush or their finger. Allow the paint to dry. Your child can now add a message for his/her mom!

Flower 1 Flower 2Flower 3 copy