Plastic Egg Stamps

Supplies: Plastic eggs Paper Paint*   *Here is a simple and easy recipe for edible finger paint that can be used with this activity. All you need is any brand of vanilla yogurt and food coloring. Dish out the yogurt into small dishes and add a drop of food coloring. Mix well.   Start by … [Read more…]

Ice Cube Painting

Supplies: Ice tray Food Coloring Heavy paper Gallon sized baggie   Make colorful ice cubes by adding a few drops of food coloring in each section of your ice trays when making ice. Once frozen, put a sheet of heavy paper into the gallon baggie along with several of the ice cubes. Close the baggie. … [Read more…]

Fluffy Snowflakes

Materials: Cotton Balls Glue Dish Paint Brush Construction Paper   First, poor some glue in a dish. Use the paint brush to paint the glue onto the paper in the shape of a snowflake. Give your child a pile of cotton balls and have them place them on the glue. As your child creates the … [Read more…]

Christmas Tree Activity

Christmas Tree   Supplies: Green Paper Bingo Dauber   To start this project, cut out a Christmas tree shape out of the green paper. Set the tree in front of your child and give them a bingo dauber (you may want to put your child in a high chair to ensure your child doesn’t get … [Read more…]

Feely Caterpillar Craft

Feely Caterpillar Craft Cut out several cardboard circles. Attach different textured materials (lace, foil, contact paper (smooth side up for one circle and sticky side up for another), sand paper, felt, etc.)to each circle. Make one circle the head. Attach them by putting holes in the edge of the circle and using string to attach … [Read more…]

Refrigerator Art

What Mom doesn’t want to have some artwork created by their little one? Here is an easy activity for even the tiniest of hands.  Supplies: Finger (or washable) paint Sheet of thick paper or poster board Painters tape   Activity: On a sheet of thick paper or poster board, use the tape to spell out … [Read more…]