Guest Blogger – Sarah Yergler

Quick Handwriting Tip for little fingers by Sarah Yergler If your child has a poor pencil grasp, here is a quick tip on how to work on correcting it! Look at the first picture of a child’s pencil grasp using a whole crayon. Now, after breaking the tip off of a crayon and giving the … [Read more…]

Veggie Painting

Veggie Painting – summer is a perfect time for this activity with all the produce available right now.   Use vegetables to paint with. The tops of carrots are great. Use a green pepper cut horizontally or a cob of corn. Also use asparagus as paintbrushes, broccoli can be dipped in paint and brushed on … [Read more…]

Feely Caterpillar Craft

Feely Caterpillar Craft Cut out several cardboard circles. Attach different textured materials (lace, foil, contact paper (smooth side up for one circle and sticky side up for another), sand paper, felt, etc.)to each circle. Make one circle the head. Attach them by putting holes in the edge of the circle and using string to attach … [Read more…]

Ah, July!

The month before school begins. A month of fresh garden veggies. A month of long hot days. The month Kindergarten Countdown takes place. Kindergarten? In the summer? Well, kinda. Kindergarten Countdown is a month long time for children getting ready to go into kindergarten to prepare for school. They get the chance to get to … [Read more…]

Julie Meitzler, Guest Blog

On May 29, the BHES staff waved as  631 Kindergarten – Fourth Grade Students left Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School for the summer. I have been sending kids off for the summer for 29 years.  I have to admit, I often tear up or even have  streams of tears running down my face when the buses pull … [Read more…]

Hand Painted Flowers

Supplies:                   Finger (or washable) paint                   Sheet of thick paper or poster board                   Paint brush   Activity: Use the paint brush to cover one of your child’s hands completely in paint. Gently press the painted hand onto the paper. Next have your child add a … [Read more…]

Refrigerator Art

What Mom doesn’t want to have some artwork created by their little one? Here is an easy activity for even the tiniest of hands.  Supplies: Finger (or washable) paint Sheet of thick paper or poster board Painters tape   Activity: On a sheet of thick paper or poster board, use the tape to spell out … [Read more…]